How to Tackle the Menace of Rising Addiction of Prescription Drugs Among Youngsters

If you ever thought that marijuana represented a youngster’s first experience with drugs, you are in for a shock, because times have changed. The menace of drug addiction has moved much closer to home – within touching distance, in fact.
The new threat to the health and safety of young people comes from prescription drugs – readily available in your own home. Did you know that the incidences of abuse of prescription drugs are now much higher than all other drugs put together?

Marijuana no longer holds ‘pride of place’ as the drug that starts this descent into destruction. That dubious distinction now belongs to prescription drugs – available in your own home. Worse still is the fact that these drugs are deadly – marijuana will look like child’s play by comparison…

You should also know that abuse of and addiction to prescription drugs are far more prevalent than you probably realize and you need to be tuned in to what is going on before you or your teenagers are caught up in this vicious cycle of destruction.

Research has shown that abuse of prescription drugs has overtaken drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, etc. Did you know that teenagers are quite at home with the use and abuse of prescription drugs, to the extent that one out of every five teenagers has sampled tranquilizers, stimulants and painkillers? With every passing day, about 2,500 more have jumped on the bandwagon.

Now you will have to familiarize yourself with names like Aderall and Ritalin, Klonopin and Xanax. There are also painkillers such as Percacet, Percodan and Fentanyl patches, as well as Lortab, OxyContin, oxycodone, Vicodin. If you recognize these names, that’s bad news for you because these are opioids, essentially just as deadly as heroin.

Well there is no time to be lost if you find that your child has been abusing any of these drugs – Time for you as a parent to evaluate your situation and tackle the problem before the situation spirals out of control.

You also need to consider what could possibly have started your child off on this perilous journey. Could it perhaps be the assumption that because the drugs in your cabinet came from a doctor, they would automatically be safe?

The other factor that you need to be alert to is that if your child is on drugs, you may be oblivious to it for several months – perhaps much longer than it will take for tragedy to strike as your child may pay for his curiosity with his life.

Do consider that youngsters often land themselves in trouble because of the demands of peer pressure. They may even go so far as to take an overdose simply because they do not know enough. So play safe and keep your prescription drugs out of your child’s reach

So it’s time for you to be alert to the dangers of prescription drug abuse – alert the parents of your child’s friends as well. In fact, you should go further and try to ensure that those parents take up the issue with their children as well.

Never make the mistake of thinking this is something you or your child will never come up against. So did all those others – and look where it got them. Should you have the faintest inkling that your child may be on drugs, you need to get to an addiction treatment center as soon as possible. Delays could have disastrous consequences, so do take care to give this problem all the attention it deserves. The outcome of your prompt action will speak for itself.