How to Tackle the Menace of Rising Addiction of Prescription Drugs Among Youngsters

If you ever thought that marijuana represented a youngster’s first experience with drugs, you are in for a shock, because times have changed. The menace of drug addiction has moved much closer to home – within touching distance, in fact.
The new threat to the health and safety of young people comes from prescription drugs – readily available in your own home. Did you know that the incidences of abuse of prescription drugs are now much higher than all other drugs put together?

Marijuana no longer holds ‘pride of place’ as the drug that starts this descent into destruction. That dubious distinction now belongs to prescription drugs – available in your own home. Worse still is the fact that these drugs are deadly – marijuana will look like child’s play by comparison…

You should also know that abuse of and addiction to prescription drugs are far more prevalent than you probably realize and you need to be tuned in to what is going on before you or your teenagers are caught up in this vicious cycle of destruction.

Research has shown that abuse of prescription drugs has overtaken drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, etc. Did you know that teenagers are quite at home with the use and abuse of prescription drugs, to the extent that one out of every five teenagers has sampled tranquilizers, stimulants and painkillers? With every passing day, about 2,500 more have jumped on the bandwagon.

Now you will have to familiarize yourself with names like Aderall and Ritalin, Klonopin and Xanax. There are also painkillers such as Percacet, Percodan and Fentanyl patches, as well as Lortab, OxyContin, oxycodone, Vicodin. If you recognize these names, that’s bad news for you because these are opioids, essentially just as deadly as heroin.

Well there is no time to be lost if you find that your child has been abusing any of these drugs – Time for you as a parent to evaluate your situation and tackle the problem before the situation spirals out of control.

You also need to consider what could possibly have started your child off on this perilous journey. Could it perhaps be the assumption that because the drugs in your cabinet came from a doctor, they would automatically be safe?

The other factor that you need to be alert to is that if your child is on drugs, you may be oblivious to it for several months – perhaps much longer than it will take for tragedy to strike as your child may pay for his curiosity with his life.

Do consider that youngsters often land themselves in trouble because of the demands of peer pressure. They may even go so far as to take an overdose simply because they do not know enough. So play safe and keep your prescription drugs out of your child’s reach

So it’s time for you to be alert to the dangers of prescription drug abuse – alert the parents of your child’s friends as well. In fact, you should go further and try to ensure that those parents take up the issue with their children as well.

Never make the mistake of thinking this is something you or your child will never come up against. So did all those others – and look where it got them. Should you have the faintest inkling that your child may be on drugs, you need to get to an addiction treatment center as soon as possible. Delays could have disastrous consequences, so do take care to give this problem all the attention it deserves. The outcome of your prompt action will speak for itself.

Detox Centers In Florida

What Are The Dangers of Going Through Drug Detox by Yourself?

The prospect of going through a drug or alcohol detox can be scary. Checking yourself into a drug detox program can be expensive and means time away from your family and loved ones. Each type of drug carries with it its own risks from detoxing and should be considered carefully. Attempting to detox at home may seem like a viable alternative, but there are very real dangers to detoxing on your own.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol creates both physical and psychological dependence. Your body has been flooded with drugs for so long that it depends on them to function properly. Stopping the intake of these drugs abruptly causes symptoms of withdrawal which are debilitating.

Heroin and Opioids

A heroin addict’s nervous system has been exposed to the drug for so long that withdrawal symptoms can be debilitating and sometimes life threatening. Withdrawal begins to occur after 12 hours of going with the drug and can last from 2 to 4 days. The symptoms of heroin withdrawal are excruciating. Some of these symptoms include:
  • Stomach pain
  • Body aches
  • Chills
  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Extreme anxiety
  • Muscle weakness


Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and Other Stimulants

Withdrawal from stimulants causes less physical symptoms than heroin, but the psychological effects of drug withdrawal can be dangerous. Cocaine and methamphetamine are stimulants and the brain depends on them to keep it “happy”. During withdrawal, the psychological lows can be devastating. Some of the symptoms of stimulant withdrawal include:

Intense cravings
Severe depression
Severe anxiety
Suicidal thoughts


Alcohol is the most dangerous substance to withdraw from. Attempting to detox from alcohol on your own can and does have deadly consequences. Because of the fatal risks of withdrawal from alcohol, it should never be attempted without medical supervision. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal begin to occur within 2 days and can include:

Delirium tremens
Heart failure

Many addicts abuse more than one substance at a time. This can lead to fatal interactions and withdrawal symptoms that need to be monitored by a medical professional. A spokesperson for Detox of South Florida a well respected drug treatment center in West Palm Beach had this to say, “Many addicts use some form of an upper and then a downer. This is quite common in addiction. One type of narcotic to get you feeling energized, then another one to calm you down later.”

Trained medical professionals can prescribe medications which stave off withdrawal symptoms. The patient must be closely monitored during the process to ensure safely removing the drugs from the body.

Withdrawal ranges from being uncomfortable to being excruciating. Many people end up relapsing during, or just after, cessation because of the painful symptoms. The body is no longer used to the effects of the addictive substance. The same dose a patient used the day before can now lead to a fatal overdose. This is why drug rehab centers monitor their patients during and after detoxing.

The ultimate goal of any attempt to stop using is to live a life without addiction. Professional drug rehab centers specialize in helping people achieve a life of sobriety.

There are very real dangers that are present when withdrawing from drugs and alcohol. Getting professional help to stop safely eliminates those dangers. Although it is tempting to try detoxing on your own in your comfortable home environment, doing so can have devastating consequences.


Mescaline detox and rehab

Mescaline, derived from a psychotropic plant which is normally found in Mexico has been used by natives for generations due to its medicinal purposes. However, it is also a naturally found hallucinogen and like any other drug, it can also be addictive. Primarily, Mescaline is ingested by directly chewing, or boiling it in water and consuming it via tea. The tea method is one of the most common practices, as it normally leaves a pretty bad taste due to the bitterness when ingested raw. However, with the use of Mescaline, you can either set yourself up for a pretty good trip or a pretty bad one.

If you go for a good Mescaline trip, then you can come across mystical experiences, as well as new processes of thought, euphoria, laughter, and visualizations along with dreamy experiences. However, with a bad trip, you end up with a disturbing experience of the world and experience a lot of anxiety attacks and terror that is unreal and unfounded. Users can remain in a state of terror, and in their mind, they will start feeling that they are going mad and that their life has been destroyed. There are others that have complained about physical problems like rash, vomiting, irritation in the skin and dizziness. As you can see, this is a serious drug with some serious effects, so if you or a family member are going through this, you must get help as soon as possible.

Mescaline Structural Formula

Mescaline detox

Mescaline has been classified as a schedule I drug, which means that it has a high potential for people to become addicted to it pretty easily. It is mainly due to the high risk associated with the use of Mescaline that it has been classed along with heroin, marijuana as well as methamphetamine.

There are various types of detox facilities that will help the user to get rid of this addiction and get back to a healthy life style. Keep in mind that if Mescaline is used in small quantities, then there is no need for detox, as they effects normally subside after 12 hours. However, it is still important to get the right information from a registered detox facility so that you don’t build up any kind of tolerance and dependence upon this drug. Self-detoxification is very much possible in case there is only a mild amount of use of Mescaline. However, if not done properly, this can lead to very bad withdrawal symptoms that can be pretty difficult for anybody looking to get rid of this addiction.

Mescaline rehab and detox centers normally focus upon supportive care as well as provide a pretty quiet environment to take care of the addiction. Since Mescaline use can result in tremendous psychological alterations of the mind, the visual stimulus is provided during the treatment process. This is primarily done in order to increase the external as well as the internal stimuli on the person.

Another thing normally professed in Mescaline rehab and detox centers is to not provide any abrupt discontinuation of the drug. It needs to be reduced in a gradual level. This way, the person dealing with Mescaline addiction can get rid of their dependency over a period of time and therefore the treatment is pretty effective over a longer time frame.